'Images that hover between memory, imagination and fact. The blurred area between representation and recognition.' - Nick Kowalski

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Image of 'Shards'

Working Paper

The beach as a site is referenced by objects, depicted in both the ephemeral and in a physical way, these offer us an avenue into a world of memory - absence and presence.

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Image of 'Splinter'



Mixed media on board.



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Image of 'Shards'


Uncovered Shards and elements of the old sea wall remain trapped and frozen, isolated and exposed to the prolonged gaze. Weathered forms, crafted by the elements and a long time in the making take.

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Image of 'Being'



These paintings evolved from chance encounters with fragments of clothing found in derelict buildings.



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Image of 'Post-ed'

Post-ed (Blackpool Vistas Feb ‘07)

These works were created for Blackpool Vistas and explore the internal landscape of a particular place (the comrades club of the Great War) created in mixed media alluding to the notion of "site".

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Image of 'Ghosts'


Collected over many years these tools have been used by my father and the people who worked with him. In some way they become portraits of those men.

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image of 'Echoes'


The Focus for this series of works is a particular group of buildings, buildings which were about to be demolished. They explore the concept that a building is a Container and like a body, has an Interior landscape and an Exterior landscape.


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image of 'Diagrams'

Diagrams and Propositions

Scribbling and diagrams discarded by tradesmen have been enlarged, reconstructed, and re-presented as large formal layered paintings.


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Image of 'Refugee'


This series of images deal with exploring the notion of disorientation. The sense of disorientation relayed to me by my father, of his experience after being shot down during the last World War.

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image of 'Mirror'

Mirror Mantlepiece series

These works evolve from a series of situations relating to mirrors and mantle pieces.


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Image of 'Erased'


Work is based on an image found on a wall - with its emphasis on the notion of site.


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image of 'Fabric and Faith'

Fabric and Faith

Northern European artists, such as Memling, demonstrated their skill and virtuosity with paint by the artful rendering of wood, marble, flesh and fabric, a graspable world of things used to depict the spiritual and material worlds.

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