Blackpool to Bottrop a 25th anniversary Exhibition of the twin towns.

Image of Bottrop exhibition

Blackpool based artist Nicholas Kowalski was invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the twinning of Blackpool in Lancashire with Bottrop in the Ruhr valley Germany.
The exhibition of Kowalski`s paintings would initiate the beginnings of a cultural exchange between the two towns.
Image of the Bottrop exhibition

Bottrop was the birth place of the influential artist and teacher of the Bauhaus Joseph Albers. Albers work was exhibited in Blackpool during the early 1970`s.
It seems fitting that the son of a polish refugee, born in Blackpool should be chosen to mark this momentous occasion in celebrating the continued friendship that has grown between the two towns.

image of nick at the Bottrop exhibition

The exhibition “ Fabric or Faith “ ran from 9th December 2005 to 14th January 2006, at The Stadt. Galerie – Kulturzentrum August Everding, Bottrop, Germany.


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